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Ships & Sips – An Unexpected Wine Pairing

Most of us are familiar with the Princess Cruises from their early days on “The Love Boat” television show; however, something perhaps not quite as well-known is that Princess maintains an extensive wine inventory aboard their ships.

Climb aboard the Regal Princess or Royal Princess and choose the exclusive Wine Maker’s Dinner option that includes a 4-course menu with flambé dishes prepared tableside by your head waiter, plus enjoy three different wine pairings chosen by the wine makers and executive chef that mate perfectly with your dinner selections. Check out the Princess Wine Maker’s Dinner

Whether you are a connoisseur or just interested in learning more about wine, the choices are abundant, and upscale wine offerings can be found on many other cruise ships as well, such as the impressive 2-story Wine Tower found aboard the Celebrity Solstice and its sister ships, the Reflection, Equinox, Eclipse and Silhouette.

Beyond just a dinner experience, are you interested in learning about the entire wine process? If your answer is yes, Princess offers 4-day getaways from Los Angeles that travel along the Central Coast of California that offer opportunities to visit wineries and learn first-hand about the art of wine making from the experts themselves.

If you long for nostalgia but with a modern twist, the Tuscan wine region in Italy has you covered with its 3,000 year history. From its well-known reputation for turning Sangiovese grapes into Chianti, what can be more nostalgic than a straw-covered bottle of delicious Chianti table wine from Tuscany?

Although not much of a secret nowadays, if you are interested in a more modern choice from the region, be sure to browse the selection of Super Tuscan wines that offer a combination of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet wines.

What food should you pair with a Super Tuscan wine?  The traditional answer is to pair Super Tuscan with hearty meat and seafood dishes; however, the right answer is to pair it together with anything that you enjoy, from appetizers to entrees to dessert.

Think outside the traditional food pairings when you are enjoying Super Tuscan wine. From salad to pizza to ice cream, a dry Super Tuscan pairs nicely, especially if you enjoy heartier versions such bitter greens, a hearty meat lover’s pizza, or a salty dessert.

Regardless of your taste in wine, we have many exciting wine choices waiting for you, so come aboard…

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