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Celebrity’s Sommeliers Make Every Cruise A Wine Cruise

You likely expect that you’ll be able to get a good glass of wine on a cruise. But you might not expect to leave your cruise having a deeper appreciation for wine and feeling like more of an expert on different varietals, flavor notes, and more regarding wine — or having the opportunity to order an $8,000 bottle of wine if you so choose! This heightened wine knowledge is all thanks to the sommeliers onboard Celebrity Cruises, who can transform any cruise itinerary into a wine cruise if that’s what you desire.

The sommeliers on Celebrity Cruises bring their wine expertise to guests through a combination of wine events and dinner assistance. Before we get into what our wine cruise experiences could entail, here are some fun facts about the sommeliers and wine on Celebrity Cruises:

  • Celebrity Cruises employs one of the largest teams of certified sommeliers (200) in the world and the largest team of sommeliers in the cruise industry.
  • Celebrity Cruises has 23 sommeliers plus one CellarMaster on each Solstice Class ship and 12 sommeliers plus one CellarMaster on each Millennium Class ship. (CellarMasters oversee the entire wine program onboard including the wine cellar.)
  • Speaking of that wine cellar…Each Celebrity Cruises ship has a 10,000+ bottle wine cellar carrying over 400 labels of wine — meaning the sommeliers have to know their stuff!
  • The sommeliers onboard are trained by Master Sommelier Michael Jordan.
  • All Solstice Class ships boast a remarkable two-story tall wine tower, a radiant structure of glass and steel created by renowned designer Adam Tihany. Each holds 1,800 bottles of wine at the perfect serving temperature.
  • 400 labels of wine are carried on each ship, ranging from $21 per bottle to over $8,000 per bottle. There are also 100 wines offered by the glass.
  • Celebrity Cruises has a rare wine collection including Chateau Lafite-Rothschild 1898, Heidsieck Monopole Champagne 1907, Chateau Latour 1929, Chateau Margaux 1929, Chateau Petrus 1978 and Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
  • Celebrity has won 30 of the 34 Wine Spectator Awards of Excellence awarded in the Cruise Industry, and every one of Celebrity’s Main Dining Rooms Restaurants have won a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence
  • And last, but not least — Celebrity Cruises Sommelier Andey Ziff just set the world record for “World’s Largest Sommelier Wine Lesson” certified by the Guinness Book of World Records!

Wine Experiences on Celebrity Cruises
Wine experiences onboard are part of the Celebrity Life Activities and range from beginner tasting classes to wine and food pairings to lessons on choosing the right glass for each wine varietal. Sommeliers lead each of these events and are on-hand to answer questions about wine as they lead guests through interesting tasting experiences.

Here are some of the wine experiences with sommeliers you can expect to find on a Celebrity wine cruise:

Port Wine Tasting: A sommelier will teach you about the different kinds of port from the Douro Valley in Portugal while you taste different labels.

World Wine Tour: Try wines from all around the world and learn how flavors differ among wine regions in a fun, social setting.

Italian Food & Wine Pairing: Learn how to choose the best wine to go with Italian cuisine, plus learn the basics of food and wine pairing in general.

Private Wine Tasting of Premium Wines: Want to sip more exclusive, high-end wines? This tasting experience is for you.

Riedel Crystal Comparative Wineglass Workshop: The glass your wine is poured in makes a difference in how it tastes. Learn more in this interesting wine workshop.

Some of these wine experiences can sell out so be sure to sign up for the ones you want to do soon after boarding the ship.

During dinner, sommeliers are located in each restaurant — both the main dining room and specialty restaurants — and will personally stop by your table to help you pick out a wine to enjoy with your meal. The sommelier will also expertly seal up your wine bottle for you and store it if you don’t finish the bottle, and then deliver it to your table wherever you’re eating on the following evening.

Before or after your meal (or whenever you’re in the mood for a glass of wine) you can stop by Cellar Masters for more wine excitement. Cellar Masters is the wine bar on Celebrity Cruises, and the sommelier behind the bar there will answer any questions you have about wine and will help you find the best one to fit your taste.

Ready to meet some of Celebrity Cruises’ sommeliers and have a wine-centric cruise? Find your perfect wine cruise itinerary at  or call us at 303-986-2808.

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